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Photo Gear

Posted on 22 Sep 2016 Comments Off on Photo Gear

Part of the pleasure is to handle some technical gear. I’m a geek since several decades… here is my current setup :


I’m currently on Sony cameras. I own a Sony A7R2. 


  • Sony FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS (SEL24240) – Very nice all-rounder when you are limited in weight. 
  • Samyang XP 14/2.4 Lens DSLR Canon EF Premium + Sigma MC-11 – great lens for Astro !
  • TTArtisan Objectif fisheye F2.8 11 mm Sony FE – cheap and still good fisheye.
  • Sigma EX 70-200mm F2.8 APO DG HSM for Canon + Sigma MC-11 – excellent for portrait. 
  • Canon 85mm F1.8 + Sigma MC-11 – portrait classic
  • Tamron sp 150 – 600 f/5 – 6.3 Di usd g2 Sony (A-Mount) + Sony LA-EA3 adapter – I am pushing to the limit of a telezoom, for capturing planets as Jupiter, and Saturn, with the 2X Teleconverter. I even tried with both teleconverter, pushing it to 2520 mm FF equivalent (600 mm x 1.5 crop x 2.0 x 1.4). 
  • Teleconverters
    • Tamron F AF TeleConverter Lens 1.4 Mx-AF MC4 (sony A-Mount)
    • Kenko 2X Teleplus 7 AF Extender (Sony A-Mount)
    • Sigma APO Tele converter 2X EX DG (for canon)
  • Adapters
    • Canon Lens to Sony FE : Sigma MC-11
    • Sony A-mount to Sony FE : Sony LA-EA3 & Sony LA-EA4


  • Rollei Astroklar Light Pollution
  • Urth x Gobe 67 mm ND variable filter ND2-400
  • Aurora-Aperture Adapter Mount Format PowerDusk Filter for Sigma MC-11 


  • Benro Carbon Travel Tripod
  • Manfrotto Video Twin Leg Tripod MVT502AM
  • Trépied Skywatcher AZ-3 

Star Tracker

How to shoot long exposures of stars, without having star trails, due to earth rotation ? Use a star tracker, that makes your camera turns opposite to the earth rotation. 

  • Move Shoot Move (MSM) Star tracker
  • Sky Watcher Star Adventurer

Software for Astrophotography

Essential Tools